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Democratic progressive warrior Rep. Elijah Cummings to headline MDP Justice Caucus Millie Jeffrey Awards Dinner July 262 Comments

  1. Obama’s most recent statements a media opps about Flint was seemingly a standard propaganda psychological presentations to down play the facts trying to save face to buy time to cover the core facts they are still not telling the truth about . The event when Obama the so called President was shown drinking the public water was one of the biggest Lies he has told to date & congress knows it’s RICO. More over the reactive Stance’s of Congress is more then just deplorable . Even as it seems Something was or is being done Nothing is being done ! Let alone the Truth being forth rightly being told to be addressed as should , By now the Money spent on the Mission to mars programs could have been made to be used to really do some about the Problem that is nation Wide 60 years running . This so called Medical device called fluoride was ignored with the rise of Obama care and seemingly ignored till June 2016 when congress passed a new chemicals bills see links Citing Silent Spring.
    See White House Petitions
    June 2016 Congress Passes Chemical Safety Bill. Where’s President E O on Fluoride infrastructure rehabilitation mandate
    Created by B.A. on June 11, 2016

    Where is the infrastructure rehabilitation Executive Orders respective of United States Representative Republic v/s unconstitutional placation of mob democracy & abusive admin law to call for all subservient agencies be it DOD to EPA to report to congress with staged actions liken to The Marshall Plan Recovery Program, that rebuilt part of Europe after World War 2. A strategic management or logistics plans to end the uses of Fluoride / Chlorine the on going chemical Attack 60 years running induced forced Sokushinbutsu effects of & fall out of multi chemical sensitivity symptoms & increased illness & death rate & reaction to Vaccinations et al. Induced Diabetes thyroid & misdiagnosed mental health or unnatural aging degeneration. Such as and not limited to Adhd or Alzheimer.

    Citing. Work by Silent Spring. http://silentspring.org/blog/congress-passes-major-chemical-safety-bill-will-it-make-us-safer

    Citing Medical reports


    Citing Fluoride Action on Twitter and or FaceBook going back to about 2011
    deal to governors fluoridation is illegal
    http://www.fluoride-class-action.com/deal-to-governors-fluoridation-is-illegal Gov


    Citing Links

    • Studding active cases in the courts to me proves a point as like this case http://www.indystar.com/story/news/politics/2016/05/24/judge-says-iu-cant-join-suit-against-abortion-law/84868934/?from=global&sessionKey=&autologin= Indiana University on Wednesday filed a lawsuit challenging the state’s new abortion restrictions law, which, the university claims, would impair its scientists’ academic freedom and shut down research efforts to uncover treatment for neurological disorders. When the facts remains this Babies Bodies parts for sale should be see as a point to be made where they want bodies for re-search to makes drugs to make cures of things other wise the preventable forms are ignored like induced Autism or Induced Alzheimer or even induced forms of ADHD they Ignore the induced forms v/s suiting under rico to force the changes to effectively address the issues nation wide. Seems the Fluoride is working by design

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