#FlintWaterCrisis update: Snyder STILL fighting water deliveries, Schuette’s office signed off on bogus consent order

After Attorney General Bill Schuette’s bombshell charges against two former Flint Emergency Managers last week, Flint is back in the news and, as usual, is a complete embarrassment to our state. First, we have news this morning that an Assistant Attorney General in Bill Schuette’s office signed off on an … Continue reading →

DeVos-funded corporate front group compares those living under Emergency Managers to cancer

With the bombshell news yesterday that two former Flint Emergency Managers are being charged with felonies in their connection to the ongoing tragedy known as the Flint water crisis, the calls to repeal Michigan’s anti-democratic “financial martial law” are rising again from around the state. The corporatists that see Emergency … Continue reading →

#FlintWaterCrisis UPDATE: TWO Emergency Managers charged, Congressional investigation quietly concluded, and much more

There is a whole lot of news to report about the ongoing tragedy in Flint, Michigan where the drinking water of tens of thousands of city residents was poisoned with the powerful neurotoxin lead through actions taken by state-appointed Emergency Managers. The biggest news of the day is that Michigan … Continue reading →

The Flint Infrastructure Crisis: Two dinners with Flint Residents

On December 15 Flintwaterstudy had two memorable dinners with Flint residents. The first was with three members of the original team that helped expose the Flint water crisis in 2014-2015 including “Fighting” Tony Palladeno Jr. and his partner Leah, and Melissa Mays (co-founder of Wateryoufighting4). We first met Tony when … Continue reading →

APPEAL REJECTED: Federal court orders Gov. Snyder’s administration to distribute water in the #FlintWaterCrisis for a THIRD time

As I wrote about earlier this week, rather than stepping up and doing the right thing in the Flint Water Crisis, Gov. Snyder is spending taxpayer dollars in court trying to get out of distributing water in Flint, Michigan as its residents continue to struggle with the poisoning of their … Continue reading →

Snyder administration STILL trying to get out of delivering clean water to Flint residents in #FlintWaterCrisis

The Snyder administration was recently ordered to resume bottled water delivery in Flint by a federal judge. In his order, U.S. District Judge David Lawson said that Gov. Snyder’s contention that “the current method of ‘delivery,’ whereby Flint residents must find a way to retrieve their own drinking water, and … Continue reading →

Understanding Flint’s Water Infrastructure Crisis: Water Infrastructure Inequality in America

The most recent research data (from EPA, CDC, MDEQ, Virginia Tech, University of South Carolina, and University of Massachusetts) who have been tracking the 2014-2016 Flint public health crisis, indicates that drinking water in Flint is now in the range of other U.S. cities in terms of lead, DBPs, and … Continue reading →